My next date with KO was a spa date. Yes, randomly in the middle of the week he reached out to me and asked if I was interested in getting a massage. Who wouldn't jump on such an offer? I was already in bed (lazy day), but I jumped right out and headed to Four Points. Does it count as a date though, since we got massages in separate rooms? I don't know.

Anyway, the first time I met him, he was wearing a suit. I knew he was kind of big, but I just thought it was fat (lol). The second time we hung out, he was wearing a white traditional kaftan (and looked so damn good in it). So imagine my surprise, when he walked into the Four Points lobby in a t-shirt and jogging pants, and each of his arms was the size of my thighs (okay, exaggeration). But he's like soooo fit! In fact, I started feeling a little self conscious, with the little pouch I carry around in my lower tummy. *Note to self: Enroll in a gym and get a personal trainer*.  Just staring at him made me a little shy, and if I were white he would have seen me turn pink; thanks to the naughty thoughts that ran through my head.

The massage was good, I really needed it. And then I showered and met him back at the lobby. He then asked if I wanted to grab a bite. And even though I wasn't hungry, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to spend more time with him. So I said yes. And that's how we spent another two hours together. So get this - he started asking about my kids. Like he's actually interested and he paid attention to every little detail.

He walked me out to the parking lot, and then we got in my car together. We talked some more, and then he hugged me goodbye. And just before he got out of the passenger seat, he leaned in and gave me the best kiss of my life!!!

SERIOUSLY. I now get why people get so crazy about kisses. I've always wondered what the big deal was about kissing, but now I get it. Everytime I think about that kiss, there's this feeling I cannot describe deep down inside. Omg. What is this feeling? He did things to my with his tongue I can't even explain. Help! How could a kiss, a simple kiss, leave me feeling like this?

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