We be all night...

I knew KO's kisses would get me in trouble. I just knew it. The next time we met up, we did drinks. I had three glasses of rosé and that was it. I wasn't drunk. But I wasn't as uptight as I usually am. Yes, even I know I can be very uptight. He insisted he wouldn't let me drive home by myself in that condition, so he asked me to come over to his for a little while since we were on his street. I knew Laje would be in bed already anyways, since it was already 11pm, so there was no reason to rush home.

When we got to his, I couldn't help but notice how stunning the decor was. He definitely paid a lot of attention to detail in setting the place up. Or he paid the right person. Whatever the case, he has very good taste. We settled down side by side on the three-seater, and he offered me some water. One minute I was drinking a glass of water, the next minute our lips were interlocked. It was that kiss of life, again. Why, oh why, has no one ever told me how amazing kisses can be? I avoided kissing in my past relationships because they always sucked. KO's kisses sucked the life out of me; literally.

One thing led to another, and we ended up in his bedroom. Even in the heat of things, I still took time to notice how amazing the set up was. He must have spent a lot of time (and money) putting the entire place together. I'm rarely ever wowed by interior design in Nigeria, but this bachelor pad was everything and more! I'm usually very careful (and uncomfortable) when it comes to sex. But sex with KO was the most natural and comfortable experience. You know the song by Az Yet, 'I saw the sun, the moon, the mountain and the rivers... I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you'. That sums it up. He did things to me I never thought possible. I felt passion in parts of my body I didn't think could feel anything. He was amazing. KO. He literally knocked me out.

It was 5am when I finally made it back home. I saw the judgement on my maid's face, and was a little embarrassed. But I was very happy. I took a very brief nap, and it was time to get Laje to school.

KO. Oh my KO.

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