KO continued.

By the time I got home, showered, and got in bed after the wedding, KO had called me 3 times. Or well, it was a number I didn't know, but I knew it had to be him. For one, it was quite late at night. And I don't get random calls at that time of night. I called him back once I was comfortably in bed and we talked very easily until sunrise. I couldn't believe it when I saw the first rays of morning peek through my blinds. He was (and still is) so easy to talk to. We talked about everything. Our backgrounds, growing up, education, work history, dating history. BUT. I skipped my marriage. And the kids. Technically, and by law (and the Church) I've actually never been married. All I had was one flimsy ceremony in my parents' living room. But I digress. He told me all about his business, his expansion plans, and even his humble beginnings (in the business). By the time I got off the phone, the help was up. I gave her instructions to give Laje breakfast and to make sure she didn't wake me up. Then I went to sleep and spent most of Sunday in bed.

Finally, around 3pm I woke up. But it was a different waking up. I hadn't woken up that happy in probably 2 years. Something was bubbling from within me, and I think even Laje (my 6 year old) noticed.
Laje: Mummy, did you eat too much sugar?
Me: HUH? What do you mean?
Laje: Everytime I'm excited and I sing or hop around, you ask me if I ate too much sugar?
Me: Oh. Yes my darling. I had a lot of sugar last night. But I didn't eat it.
Laje: How come it's affecting you if you didn't eat it? What did you do with it?
Me: *At this point realizing I should have just told her I ate it* - Err, I talked to it? (Even I knew that was stupid)
Laje: Mummy you can't talk to sugar, that's food!
Me: Yes my darling, you're right. Anyway, have you done your homework? Let me have a look at it.
Laje: I don't have any homework
Me: Laje! How would you not have any homework on a weekend???
Laje: Okay okay, can you help me do it now?
Me: Go get it and set it up on the table. Let me grab a quick bite.

By the time I was done with Laje's homework, I checked my phone and noticed KO hadn't called or messaged. It was now 5pm or thereabout. Being my usual panicky self, I started thinking of the worst. Had he done some research and found out about my past? Did I say something wrong on the phone? What could have gone wrong? Why hadn't he called? Then I took a bold step, and decided to call him. No answer. That just heightened my panic. And as I always do when I'm about to have a panic attack, I got in bed and buried myself under the covers. All sorts ran through my mind, and I must have fallen asleep.

I was startled by my phone ringing (probably around 7pm), and it was him. KO. I panicked a bit. Then realized it was probably a good idea to just answer.

KO: Hey Fela! How are you? How did you wake up so early? We didn't go to bed before 7am!
Me: Ah ah! 7am to 3pm, that's 8 hours! That's more than enough sleep for any normal person now!
KO: But it wasn't a normal night! Do you know how much you danced last night? You shouldn't be able to walk today, haha.
Me: How do you know how much I danced? You weren't even on the dance floor.
KO: Oh no, I wasn't. But I was somewhere in the hall. Watching your every move. You're such an amazing dancer sha. Like all the other girls were doing the most, trying to be noticed. And you were just there doing your thing, looking so sexy without even trying to or realizing it!
Me: All na wash jare!
KO: You don't believe me? Then how did I meet you at the door right as you were leaving? I was watching you all night. To be honest, I needed to rest my feet because it's been crazy for me since the engagement on Thursday. But once the wedding was officially over, I knew I had to get some rest so I wouldn't pass out. So I got a seat in a corner, and just watched you. It was one hell of a show!
Me: You just know how to constantly keep a girl blushing, don't you?
KO: Anyway, what are you up to tonight? Can we grab a quick drink? You live in Ikoyi yea? I can pick you up in 30 minutes?
Me: Sounds great. I better hop in the shower.
KO: I better make that an hour then. This one you're just about to shower; you women and your serenre
Me: Trust me, I have no interest in serenre. I'm a very simple girl, you'll see. 30 minutes will do.
KO: Ok. Text me your address. See you soon.

By 8pm, we were at this quaint bar in Ikoyi. I've lived in Ikoyi all my life, and I never knew it existed. The ambience was very nice...romantic. The crowd was very different; not your usual Lagos crowd. He must have good taste, I thought. We sat in a corner, secluded from everyone else, but able to see the entire bar clearly.

KO: Mystery Woman. Just yesterday I was staring at you from a distance. I was instantly drawn to you. But I didn't know if it was a good idea to talk to you. You know how Lagos girls can be.
Me: Well, I'm glad you did. Before we go any further though, I have to ask. Are you single? Like fully, 100% single?
KO: Sounds like someone's been burned!
Me: Yea, well, I had a really bad experience once. So basically, is there any girl out there that can claim she's currently having something with you? No matter how insignificant?
KO: Nope. My ex and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. I promised myself I was going to take it easy for a while. But you had to come and ruin that eh, Mystery Woman?
Me: What happened?
KO: That's a very long story for another day. Now, I should ask as well. Are you fully, 100% single?
Me: Yes.
KO: How's someone as beautiful as you single? Abi you're one of the crazy ones?
Me: Not crazy. But it's a very long story.
KO: Well, I'm in no hurry. Tell me.
Me: I'm divorced. Not technically divorced, because I was never officially married. But I was someone's 7th wife. And I have 2 kids with him. And I perfectly understand that our date is probably over now. I don't even know what I was thinking. I can never have a normal life again.
KO: That's all?
Me: *Blank stare*
KO: Ok, I'll be honest. It's a lot. But it's not the end of the world. I still like you. And I'd still love to get to know you. I appreciate your honesty, and based on the few hours of conversation we've had, I have a feeling we're going to get along very well. Again, it's a lot. But I care more about here and now; about the future, than I do about the past.
Me: *Dumbfounded*
KO: Back to deaf and dumb?

And then I burst out laughing. That was the perfect icebreaker. We hung out for about 2 hours, and then he dropped me back at home and like a gentleman, gave me a kiss on my cheek.

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