See me see wahala oh. Sometimes, it really isn't good to help people. My own friend, a girl I consider my sister, a girl I once gave up a trip abroad for; so that we could pay her school fees, is now claiming that my husband...my own husband...my own Gbenga...tried to toast her. Like what rubbish is that? How disrespectful is that? If Gbenga hears this now, he'll say he's been telling me to cut the stupid little bitch off. But do I ever listen? No.

Nene. Bastard little girl. She said her office sent her to Gbenga's office on some business. Of course he recognized her as my friend and invited her into his office after the meeting. She said he gave her money for lunch; well duh! What else would he do? He really takes on an almost fatherly role when it comes to my friends. The idiot now claims that as she was leaving his office, he asked what she was doing later that day and wanted to know if she could meet him at Sheraton. She supposedly told him she didn't think that'd be appropriate, and he proceeded to tell her that it wasn't a big deal. She said my own husband told her there was more than enough of him to go around.

IMAGINE! What kind of daft person is this? This story is obviously FABRICATED. I don't even know what to call it. Beef? It's really not good to tell your friends too much about how good your husband is to you. This is the kind of shit they try when they know what they're missing. My best guess is that she tried to flirt with him and he shut her down, and she's now telling foolish lies to drive a wedge between by husband and I. UGH!

Anyway. Step one was to unfriend her. Yes. I told her it's officially over between me and her. And we can never ever be friends again. I've also warned her that there will be dire consequences if I ever see her go near my husband again; work or not.

Trifling little whore.

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