Is it me or is everyone in Lagos a stylist or personal shopper these days? I guess fashion design is now getting too saturated and they are all settling for styling. I keep getting emails from people asking to be my personal shopper/stylist. Ehm...thanks but not thanks! I am very capable of buying my own clothes and dressing myself. And I think I do a damn good job, considering all the comments and compliments I get whenever I dress up. I wish people would explore other creative jobs though. But I guess that's where you know a true artist. They don't do what is in vogue, they do what their heart leads them to. I admire musicians like Bez that know for a fact that afro pop a la Davido is where the money is at, but decide to stick to their own special genre. In Nigerian terms, I appreciate you! LOL! Don't you just hate it when people say that to you????? "I APPRECIATE YOU". Death to whoever says that kind of nonsense!

Meeeeeanwhile, my friend from LA called me over the weekend with some juicy gossip. Lol, okay not gossip. I bet she won't appreciate me sharing her problems with the world. Hello drama! There were ten of them going to Vegas for someone's birthday and they rented two SUVs with third row seating. She gets to the meeting point, and who did she spot? Her husband's ex-girlfriend, LOL! And not just any ex...you know the really obnoxious one that won't stop calling your husband even though they've been over for more than five years? The one who pretends to just want to be friends when you know that any slight slip on your part - she'll be taking your place without looking back. So they sat through a four hour car ride, with the ex sitting right behind her. The world is so tiny though...because I still cannot imagine how both of them ended up in the same social circle. Let's call my friend Lucy - and let's call the ex Linda. Lucy's husband (I'll call him Frank) was also going on the same trip with them.

Long story short, when they got to Vegas, it was all well and good. Until Lucy found Frank and Linda having what looked like a heart-to-heart by the pool side when she returned early from a shopping trip...I guess heated pools make for heated conversations, LOL! She said hello to both of them, kissed her husband, and went upstairs to her room...saying she had a headache and needed a nap. Later that night, when they were all at dinner, she found that Linda somehow sat beside Frank (Lucy sat on the other side of him), and Frank was being a little too nice to her. This is the same ex he used to say all sorts about...."she's obnoxious"..."she was a long time ago, she can't possibly be my type anymore"...etc. Before the end of the night, Lucy started feeling like the ex, with all the attention Frank was giving to Linda.

Fastforward...the night before they left Vegas...Frank said he was going to catch up with the boys. Lucy and the girls decided to hit the casino, but Linda said she needed to do some last minute shopping. They weren't really feeling the slot machines so they decided to hit the town (since it was their last night anyways). What (or rather WHO) did they find? Linda & Frank, holding hands, while watching the water show at the Bellagio!!! ANYWAYS, Frank insists it was nothing, but Lucy isn't having it. She's now asking for my advice, and I think it's pretty obvious!

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