Why do people cheat?

Until you find yourself there, it's easy to judge.

It's easy to label cheaters as bad people.

Until you find yourself there, and you can't figure out how you got there.

You don't even know how to retrace your footsteps.

You just know you're lost, and you keep sinking deeper and deeper into it. And there's no way out.

Until it all blows up in your face. And then you're sober.

Maybe some people who cheat are actually really just bad people [read: Yoruba demons].

However, I now believe that a lot of good people also get caught up in cheating.

Maybe it's because you can't get everything from one person.

Maybe it's because one person cannot be everything to you.

And rather than give them grief about it, you go elsewhere to find the balance.

And then one thing leads to another. And you find yourself in two parallel relationships, and don't know how to get out.

Because each of them is now filling two very distinct but important needs. And you feel like you cannot live without either of them.

Or because you're really a good person and you can't stomach breaking a heart.

So you lead them both on, hoping the situation eventually fixed itself.

Why do people cheat?

What is that overpowering need that we so desperately look to fill?


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