After our little episode, it seemed KO was trying very hard to prove a point. To show me I was more than just a friend. To prove to me that I was his woman. I woke up to text messages every morning where he called me the love of his life, his final bus-stop (lol), his everything, his woman, and more. KO. My KO. Even Laje started liking him.

Everytime I tired to leave her at home, or with my mom, she'd ask if I was going to see 'Mister' and if she could come with me. That girl! I have no clue why she decided to start calling him Mister. But that actually works for me. Because what is she to call him? Uncle KO? Mr. KO? Dad? Ok, I kid. Definitely not dad. Not just yet anyways.

How did I get so lucky? How is it that a guy in my own age group, a young guy, has accepted me with all my baggage?
Me, Fela, that was previously married to a married man that had a million other wives?
Me, Fela, with two children already?
Me, Fela, that accepted my fate that I would never find love?

The other day, he suggested a movie date. And I got so excited, until he said the movie was at 3pm, and we were taking Laje. So really, it was a date for him and Laje to bond. I thought that was really sweet and cute. It was basically him establishing his place in our lives, and letting me know that he accepted me and the entire package I came with.

I used to pray for love. Now I pray more for protection. 'God please protect this man for me. Please keep him away from the vultures (you already know who they are). Please protect him from all harm. Please protect him from evil eyes. God please protect our relationship and what we have' This was now the theme of my prayers.

We started spending even more time together. He made it compulsory that we had breakfast together EVERY SINGLE DAY. So, I would drop Laje at school, and then head straight to his (or whatever cafe/restaurant we had agreed on) for breakfast. Only then, could I start my day. And one compulsory item on the breakfast menu everyday were his sweet kisses. KO. Oh, my KO. I keep waiting, and wondering when the honeymoon phase would end.

We have now reached month 10, and it is only getting deeper and better.  We are opening up FULLY to each other. I opened up my soul to him, and his to me. I shared all my darkest secrets with him, secrets that I almost couldn't share even with my own self. He quite easily has become the center of my world, MY EVERYTHING. My friendships are suffering. I barely hav time to breathe. Between Laje, Jr, and KO, all my time is taken.


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